We offer a variety of services. We our capable of handling a small birthday party with only a few kids to a large sporting event with thousands of people. Each of our services comes with our amazing shaved ice and our one of a kind top notch flavors. Our flavors are mixed with a simple syrup made with real sugar! Can't have sugar let us know because we also offer sugar free flavors. Our flavors are preserved with Citric acid which is also known as vitamin C. There are some artificial colors in our regular line. If you want an all natural alternative we do offer all natural flavors which taste just as amazing as our regular line just not as vibrant of color.  All events will be paid in full prior to the event date. If there is a need to cancel the reservation it must be done 2 days prior to the event for a full refund. After that there will be no refund offered. Here are the services we offer:

Click on our services to see what each one contains and the pricing!