If you are planning on throwing a company party or large event, and know exactly how many snow cones you want to go out, we offer our pre-paid program. This program requires that you prepay for at least 200 small snow cones. These snow cones are offered at $2 a small snow cone. This gets the bus, 2 employees and 2 hours of time. If the event goes over the pre-paid amount of snow cones, we will charge each additional snow cone at the regular menu price. If you prepay for more than 1000 snow cones, we will discount each additional snow cone to $1.50. We will try our best to hand out all the prepaid snow cones, but there may be times when too many snow cones are pre-ordered or people have had their fill of snow cones or any other unforeseeable event and we are unable to hand out all the pre-paid cones. If this is the case we will be unable to refund the difference of price because we set aside the required product to make sure your event is covered. Obviously there will be times when the number is so drastically off that WE WILL work with the event to make them happy.